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The Blinding of Science and Wonder

wonder You may have noted a lack of Wonder in your box lately. At last, all may be revealed, and is, in these illuminating missives, recently dispatched from Mister Wonderful, our man in the feel-good fields.
Dearest Readers,

     Mister Wonderful here, once again. I write to you now from the back of a yam wagon trundling along the shores of a Shanghai river. Mister Dark sits above me, steering the mules. He's wearing some sort of bamboo speaker cone on his head, but keeps blowing the disguise by singing "Sympathy For The Devil" over and over in that unsettling falsetto. We're doomed.

     How our merry merciless band (last seen on a quest to delay Armageddon until our book deal comes through) found itself blown off course is a tale for another time.

     But - rest you assured that for once I was certainly not the one most blown. Go ask Mister "We Need To Drop By Thailand" Malice.

     Three white mice formerly in my employ caught up to us this morning, kindly passing along a telegram from Miss Yakamoto back at the Labs. "FEDS SNIFFING AROUND STOP" she writes cryptically. "DUMP THE CORE QUERY" Ha! Ha! what a cutup she is, to be discussing these things on an open channel. She continues: "COMPUTER NOT READY MAYBE FRIDAY STOP NEEDS EFFLUVIUM PUMP STOP KEEP WATCHING SKIES STOP IF YOU STILL THANKING THAT GIRL BETTER STOP"

     So I know she cares. Further, I know that the kitchen at home, she is too hot for this mad journey to end soon.

     You know, I was admiring the lapels of the tiny Tibetan who set up this mobile satellite uplink in my rice bowl, thinking that his resemblance to Elvis Costello could hardly be coincidence and wondering if he'd ever get the chance to fulfill his life's goal (drunkenly confessed over fermented yak milk shots) of hosting his own "Girls Gone Wild!" video like Snoop Dogg when it occurred to me, Mister Wonderful, that the mice had made off with my credit cards.

     What I'm saying - what I've always been saying - is that life can too easily bog down with facts... become heavy, and crusted. Wonder lightens the soul, illuminates the bones of truth inside the mundane. Wonder excites and animates the hidden dance you knew the steps to before you were born. Wonder shocks the synapses with cold, clear joy and laughter and confusion, the better to widen the third eye and appreciate the Real.

     Microscopes and telescopes can only tell you what's there. A kaleidoscope can widen the roof of the world.

Wishing to always be your pop collide-o-scope,
yours truly in queries and essays,

Mister Wonderful

WONDERFUL LABS - The Fine Line Between Dot Matrix And Dominatrix

as the radio man says
it is 5 a.m.
and the sun has charred
the other side of
the world and come
back to us
and painted the smoke
over our heads
an imperial violet
it is 5 a.m.
and you are listening
to Los Angeles

-Soul Coughing,
Screenwriter's Blues
Mister Wonderful Recommends: Fighting fire with fish. Let
the Spinal Guffman Show give you something to gurn about, remind us why
we breathe.
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