Wonderful Laboratories (wonderfullabs) wrote,
Wonderful Laboratories

The Battle of Mist and Wonder

wonder It's like getting the DVD box set of season 6 WONDERFUL: The Potrzebie Years... don't try to swallow them all at once.
Dearest Readers,


     Callooh! Callay! Mister Wonderful here, still enjoying my forced vacation in the spy-holes and ivory igloos of this island nation that circles the Earth like a puissant hula-hoop.

     NEWS: I received an alarming smoke signal from Miss Yakamoto back at the Labs indicating that the Wonderful Labs computer cannot be repaired for at least another week. Seems they're having trouble finding a qualified exorcist. In further Disturbance in the Force news, she says that if I insist on remaining at the Mesozoic Motel until then, she has no choice but to attend the Matrix: Reloaded premiere with Sven the Argentine Hamster Wrangler. What a pain in the data plug.

     RUMOUR: My chaotic companions continue to concoct Corsican confidence schemes. Mister Dark wants to sell "Maps to the SARS Homes." Mister Malice wants to kidnap George W. Bush and replace him with Mister Monkey. Mister Monkey wants to kidnap Pope John Paul II and replace him with Folgers Crystals.

     AMAZING FACT: While Potrzebie is technically a Constitutional Democracy, the Parliament on Haunted Hill remains empty. As James Gleick never tires of reminding us, this lack of leadership has not resulted in a lack of order. It has resulted, as it will in all societies of groovy hoopiness, in a funocracy.


Hey W.,
     How come Asian counties are called "Far East" instead of "Far West"?
Car T. Ographer
Dear Marco "Polo!" Marco "Polo!",

     Because rare are the folk who want raw tuna and seaweed on their Bacon
Western Cheeseburgers.

Yours with happy noodles and eggroll,
Mister Wonderful

WONDERFUL LABS - Your Number One Super Mind

A no-alee dream place
where waves in my blood crash violent tone

- Naked Raygun,
Walk In Cold
Mister Wonderful Recommends: Defeating the Comet Empire! We only have a limited amount of time before something vague happens! Don't you get it? Risk is our business! No, really. Mister Wonderful doesn't just like science; he's doing something about it. Thanks to an astute reader, we now have another actual piece of NASA equipment carrying the fictional smarm virus out to the galaxy. I know it seems like a joke that they would name a comet probe "Deep Impact," but I'm assured that it's genuine. And you know that if I had made it up, it would have been "Deeper Impact: The Probe That Knows Where To Find It."
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