Miss Me?

The Quirm Before the Storm

Just want to mention that The Coup has recorded the perfect wondersong "Laugh/Love/Fuck"

'Cause like me, you gots to be in the middle of it
Unravellin' the riddle of it

Join Us.
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Didn't expect a post from this account, did you!

That's how we'll win. The elephant of surprise.

Duck Soup

Keep watching this space, Wonderfans! Maybe it'll turn into Cheez Doodles!

"Oh well, if we worked really hard, that wouldn't be like FLCL, would it?"

-FLCL next episode promo
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Start It Up, Minions

The Wonderful Labs mailing list still has me locked out, and I'm totally buggered for ideas on how to fix it. Maybe I should fling fish at the internet, like some powerful, yet renegade, muppet.

This is a program that lets you make a library in your computer, much like the one in your brain.

Do you Wonderpeople enjoy this random blather more than the usual "I'm *getting to it*!" whinging? You should. You're all so read-y. (that is, to rhyme with needy, not reddy, as in kilowatt.)

* * *

BY the way, Quentin Tarantino appears in the Muppet Wizard of Oz TV movie. Mister Wonderful is officially freaked the fuck out.
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No names. No pack drill.

This is just a bit of fluff to indicate that my updating skillz son weak.

My lame-o excuse points you towards Le Archive. Work, it hae be done, but the entertaining format, she lacks.

* * *

Smiles, everyone. Or I send you back to Mu.
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The Cypher of Rose and Wonder

wonder Been a long time man... Originally mailed on May 19th, this fluffernuttered epistle from Mister Wonderful contains one of my favorite bits, but it's right near the end, after all the stuff that reads like Charles Nelson Reilly dreaming that he's being eaten by a thesaurus. Enjoy!
Dearest Readers...Collapse )